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Shipping AppShip Manager 4.0 Pro.

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Ship Manager 4.0 Pro.

Ship Manager 4.0 Pro.

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Ship Manager 4.0 Pro.


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Ship Manager 4.0 Pro. overview

The SM Pro suite, includes the iShipper App for shipping companies, Freight Forwarder App and S.M. Web Client App that connects your shipping business to your personal devices.

Improve Customers interactions, get estimates, make orders online and get real time status of shipments.

By: iVortex Inc

Description of Ship Manager 4.0 Pro.

Features of the iVortex Ship Manager Professional

Automated Document Generation

When a customer places a shipping order, the Ship Manager App automatically generates essential documents such as the Bill of Lading and Invoice for the order, and shipping label stickers complete with barcode for each item in the order.

Customer Recognition

For returning customers, the Ship Manager remembers their shipping details, reducing redundancy. You only need to verify the shipping goods and, if necessary, add new consignee information, streamlining the shipping process.

Driver Pickup Folders

Easily create pickup folders for each driver to facilitate seamless tracking of orders. When customers call in for pickups, you can efficiently organize their orders in designated pickup folders, enhancing overall order management.

Easy Container Management

Creating container folders is a breeze. Input the container information, click the "create container" button, and the Ship Manager App generates all the necessary documents for the container, simplifying the entire container management process.

Barcode Scanning for Loading

The Ship Manager generates label stickers with barcodes for each item in an order. During the loading process, simply scan the barcode of items being loaded into a container. The app updates the Tally Sheet automatically, ensuring an accurate record of loaded items.

Efficient Manifest and Reporting

With just a click, the Ship Manager automatically generates cargo manifests based on the tally sheet, a packaging list, an invoice folder containing invoices for all goods loaded, and a comprehensive financial report for the container. This feature enhances reporting accuracy and saves valuable time.

Container Bill of Lading

The Ship Manager generates a Bill of Lading for shipping containers, populating it with detailed container information, including the total pieces and a description of goods. This ensures compliance and completeness in shipping documentation.

Role-Based Access Control

One of the enhancements to the Ship Manager App is its increased accessibility. Now, the app can be seamlessly installed on multiple desktop and laptop computers, providing flexibility and convenience for your entire company.

Understanding the importance of role-specific access, we have implemented a sophisticated access control system within the Ship Manager App. This ensures that each employee in your company has access tailored to their role, fostering a secure and efficient working environment.

Managerial Access

Managers enjoy full access to the Ship Manager App, encompassing every aspect of the system. This includes comprehensive access to financial reports, empowering managers with the insights they need to make informed decisions and steer your shipping operations effectively.

Office Access

Office staff have access tailored to their shipping operations. This level of access allows them to manage and monitor shipping processes efficiently, contributing to a more coordinated workflow.

Front Desk Access

Front desk employees have a limited yet purposeful level of access. This ensures that they can contribute to the shipping process without unnecessary complexity, promoting a smooth and streamlined customer interaction.

SM Web Client App

Connects your business to your mobile devices

Keep control of your business with your Smart Phone

Instant notification of new orders and estimate requested

☞Business Mobile Presence

Improved Customers interaction

Accept online orders and give estimation

Accept Credit and Debit cards (PayPal)

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