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Mobicata Store

Mobicata Store

E-Commerce Web App

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Mobicata Store


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Mobicata Store overview

Start Selling your products and services online now with the Mobicata ecommerce web app.

For only $70.00 per month you will get:

One website value $2,000

One Eco Hosting Plan, include:

- 5GB Disk space

- 3GB Bandwidth

- 1 Domain

- 1 MSSQL Database

Sell clothes, accessories, wigs, art, products and more.

Sell services you provides.

No Setup Fee

Description of Mobicata Store

It's user interface allow your customers to navigate through catalog and make choices.

Choose payments options, credit card, cash on delivery.

Integrated Paypal checkout, no need to leave site for checkout.

Setup options includes local delivery services, driver's signup, and build drivers team and assign drivers for delivery.

Notify drivers that delivery is available.

Fully customizable branding. Multiple templates to choose from to customize the look and feel that satisfies your branding.

The Mobi-Cata Store app has a powerful control panel that allow you TO manage your sales, branding, teams and security.

Security options for Google Captcha, spam filters and more that helps protect your website from spammers and hackers.

Choose from a variety of skins for a look and feel that suits your branding.

The Mobi-Cats Store App is an ASP .NET v4.72 application that runs on IIS.

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