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Lease PlanShip Manager Lease Plan

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Ship Manager Lease Plan

Ship Manager Lease Plan

Lease Plan

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Ship Manager Lease Plan


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Ship Manager Lease Plan overview

For $160 per month you get the Ship Manger App, Ship Manager Webb App, iShipperAPI Service App and Business Hosting plan, for hosting the web app and the iShipperAPI app..

The SM Pro suite, includes, the S.M. Web Client App that connects your shipping business to your personal devices.

Improve Customers interactions, get estimates, make orders online and get real time status of shipments.

By: iVortex Inc

Description of Ship Manager Lease Plan

Features of the iVortex Ship Manager Professional

1. Tracking system

2. Inventory management

3. Generates bill of ladens and invoices

4. Build cargo manifest quick and easily

5. Generates financial reports on all business transaction base on daily, weekly, monthly, or a selected period

6. Create and Manage Container folder

7. Employee managements

8. Network System Solutions

Multiple offices and departments via local network

Multiple offices and departments in one or more locations, via the internet

Secure Network system access

☞SM Web Client App

Connects your business to your mobile devices

Keep control of your business with your Smart Phone

Instant notification of new orders and estimate requested

☞Business Mobile Presence

Improved Customers interaction

Accept online orders and give estimation

Accept Credit and Debit cards (Paypal)

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