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Project Manager App. Streamline Projects. Optimize Productivity.Office Book

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Office Book

Office Book

Project Manager App. Streamline Projects. Optimize Productivity.

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Office Book


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Office Book overview

Our Project Manager App is a powerful web application built with ASP.NET and C#, featuring a robust engine developed using C++/CLI. With its sleek and modern interface, powered by Bootstrap 4 CSS, it provides seamless project management, task delegation, team collaboration, time tracking, expense tracking, employee management, payroll management, invoicing, and reporting capabilities. Boost your productivity, streamline workflows, and optimize project efficiency with our comprehensive and user-friendly project management solution.

Key Features:

Project Creation and Management: Create projects with detailed descriptions, milestones, and timelines. Track project progress, allocate resources, and monitor tasks effortlessly.

Employee Management: Assign employees to projects, manage their roles and responsibilities, and track their availability. Streamline communication and collaboration among team members.

Expense Tracking: Monitor project expenses, including supplies, travel costs, and miscellaneous expenditures. Maintain a clear overview of your project's financials and stay within budget.

Work Hours Calculation: Automatically calculate work hours for each project based on employee time sheets. Keep accurate records of billable and non-billable hours to ensure fair compensation.

Labour Cost Calculation: Calculate labor costs based on hourly wages, work hours, and project rates. Get insights into project profitability and optimize resource allocation.

Time Sheet Management: Create and manage time sheets quickly and effortlessly. Employees can easily input their work hours, breaks, and project-specific details. Streamline payroll processing and reduce administrative burden.

Payroll Generation: Generate accurate and comprehensive payroll reports based on time sheet data. Calculate employee wages, deductions, and taxes effortlessly. Generate pay stubs for each employee, providing transparency and ensuring compliance.

Invoice Generation: Create professional invoices directly from project data. Automatically include project details, expenses, and hourly rates. Streamline your billing process and improve cash flow.

Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into project performance, payroll expenses, and invoice status. Generate reports to evaluate project profitability, employee productivity, and financial metrics.

Efficient project management is crucial for success. Our Project Manager App offers a user-friendly interface, robust features, and comprehensive reporting tools to streamline your operations, enhance collaboration, and drive project success. Simplify your workflow, boost efficiency, and achieve your project goals with ease.

Description of Office Book

Office Book, Project Manager App


The Project Manager App is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline project management tasks, employee management, expense tracking, time sheet management, payroll calculation, invoice generation, and report generation. It provides a centralized platform for project managers to efficiently manage their projects, track expenses, calculate labor costs, generate time sheets, process payroll, create invoices, and generate various reports.

Key Features

2.1 Project Management

Create and manage projects: The app allows project managers to create and manage multiple projects, including project details, timelines, and milestones.

Assign employees to projects: Assign employees to specific projects and track their involvement and progress.

calculate the total labour cost of each project, according to the employees hourly wages and the hours to complete the project.

Track expenses: Record and monitor project-related expenses to ensure accurate budget management.

2.2 Employee Management

Maintain employee records: Store and manage employee information, including contact details, job roles, hourly wages, and other relevant data.

Assign employees to projects: Assign employees to specific projects and track their work hours and contributions.

Calculate work hours: Track and calculate the total work hours for each employee based on their time sheet entries.

2.3 Time Sheet Management

Create time sheets: Enable employees to quickly create time sheets, specifying project details, work hours, and task descriptions.

Calculate payroll: Automatically calculate employee payroll based on the work hours and hourly wages recorded in the time sheets.

Generate pay stubs: Generate and print pay stubs for each employee, detailing their earnings, deductions, and net pay.

2.4 Expense Tracking

Track project-related expenses: Record and categorize expenses associated with projects, including materials, equipment, and services.

Calculate labor costs: Calculate the labor costs for each project based on the work hours logged by employees and their hourly wages.

2.5 Invoice Generation

Create invoices: Generate invoices based on project details, expenses, and rates.

Populate invoices with project data: Automatically populate invoices with relevant project information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

2.6 Reporting

Payroll reports: Generate comprehensive reports summarizing employee payroll, including earnings, deductions, and tax information.

Invoice reports: Generate reports detailing project invoices, including billing information, payment status, and outstanding amounts.

Project reports: Generate reports providing insights into project progress, resource allocation, expenses, and milestones.


Improved project management: The app centralizes project-related tasks and data, enhancing coordination and efficiency.

Accurate payroll calculation: Automating payroll calculations reduces manual errors and ensures accurate and timely payments to employees.

Streamlined time sheet management: Creating and managing time sheets becomes quick and hassle-free, saving time for both employees and managers.

Efficient expense tracking: Tracking project expenses enables effective budget management and cost control.

Simplified invoice generation: Automating invoice generation reduces manual effort and ensures consistency and accuracy.

Informative reports: Detailed reports provide valuable insights into project performance, resource utilization, and financial aspects.


The Project Manager App offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline project management, employee management, expense tracking, time sheet management, payroll calculation, invoice generation, and reporting. By leveraging this app, project managers can enhance productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in managing projects, tracking expenses, processing payroll, and generating invoices. It serves as an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to streamline their project management processes and improve overall organizational performance.

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